“Padho” – stands for Learn

This era that we live in is also referred to as “Information age”, we live in a connected world, where information is available for everyone. In project Padho we want the kids in this school to have access to all the information at the tip of their fingers and on the click of a button.

Thanks to technology, we have been able to make this happen at a real viable cost. In just 15,000/- Rs of fixed cost we got an Android Smart TV and a Cabinet and in 5000/- per annum we got a broadband connection that will help the teachers and kids to dive into the world of internet and acquire tonnes of information in the small classroom.

TV + unlimited Internet access makes this learning experience a fruitful one.

PS: we have not used a projector because of 2 major disadvantages in a public school scenario

  • Higher cost of procurement (than that of a smart TV)
  • Maintenance cost higher compared to a TV