Padho, in Hindi means “to study.” In Indian culture, Padho has several positive and motivational connotations attached to it.

From the age of 11, Aaman was inspired by the socially-beneficial activities that were undertaken by the Maa Foundation, a prominent Indian NGO engaged primarily in educational reform and skilling for individuals aged 14 and upwards.

Aaman used to occasionally visit tribal schools and spend time with the students there. As he grew older, he perceived a gap in the abilities of rural and urban students, which he felt could be attributed to a difference in the quality of teaching, infrastructure and curriculum. He began to wonder as to how one could create a lasting impact in public schools and how one could manage to bridge the gap between rural and urban education. He concluded that an overhaul of primary education is required in order to equip students with the right skills and put them all (whether rural or urban) on equal footing, and determined that he himself would contribute to this overhaul.

The result is Padho foundation.

Padho foundation works on school infrastructure reform and also the improvement of the quality of education by the training of teachers. This eventually helps in the holistic improvement of students and contributes to their long term employability. serves as a platform to link Schools, Volunteers & Donors to help build an ecosystem that brings in quality change in rural Public schools, with an intent to bridge the gap. Padho is currently operating one school with approximately 200 students as a pilot project.

We at Padho have realised that we neither have the bandwidth nor the experience to radically revamp education in India. To that extent, we have made a model to improve schools. This model is generic and is available for free on our website.

Come, support this initiative to make a lasting impact at the very base of our education system, and create much more effective and intelligent citizens! You can contribute through our crowd funding initiative or by volunteering in one of our projects.